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Large-Size Star-Shaped Conjugated (Fused) Triphthalo­cyanine­hexa­azatri­phenylene

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posted on 2016-03-07, 17:07 authored by Vicente M. Blas-Ferrando, Javier Ortiz, Jorge Follana-Berná, Fernando Fernández-Lázaro, Antonio Campos, Marta Mas-Torrent, Ángela Sastre-Santos
Star-shaped triphthalocyanine­hexa­azatri­phenylene 1 was synthesized via condensation between a new building block 1,2-diamino­phthalo­cyanine and cyclo­hexane­hexaone. Compound 1 represents the largest star-shaped phthalo­cyanine-fused hexa­azatri­phenylene reported so far. This largely expanded phthalocyanine shows good solubility and has a strong tendency to aggregate both in solution and on the surface, indicating its potential as an active component in organic electronic devices.