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Large-Scale Fabrication of Periodic Nanostructured Materials by Using Hexagonal Non-Close-Packed Colloidal Crystals as Templates

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posted on 2006-04-25, 00:00 authored by Peng Jiang
This letter reports a versatile nonlithographic technique for mass fabricating three types of technologically important materialspolymer microwell arrays, 2D-ordered magnetic nanodots, and semiconductor nanopillar arrays, each with high crystalline qualities and wafer-scale sizes. Spin-coated hexagonal non-close-packed silica colloidal crystals embedded in a polymer matrix are used as starting templates to create 2D polymeric microwell arrays. These through-hole arrays can then be used as second-generation templates to make periodic magnetic nanodots and semiconductor nanopillars. This self-assembly approach is compatible with standard semiconductor microfabrication, and complex micropatterns can be created for potential device applications. The wafer-scale technique may find important applications in biomicroanalysis, high-density magnetic recording media, and microphotonics.