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Large-Scale and Galvanic Replacement Free Synthesis of Cu@Ag Core–Shell Nanowires for Flexible Electronics

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posted on 2019-02-21, 18:45 authored by Bowen Zhang, Wanli Li, Jinting Jiu, Yang Yang, Jiangbo Jing, Katsuaki Suganuma, Cai-Fu Li
Copper nanowires (CuNWs) are considered a promising alternative to indium tin oxide due to their cost-effectiveness as well as high conductivity and transparency. However, the practical applications of copper-based conductors are greatly limited due to their rapid oxidation in atmosphere. Herein, a facile adsorption and decomposition process is developed for galvanic replacement free and large-scale synthesis of highly stable Cu@Ag core–shell nanowires. First, Ag-amine complex ([Ag­(NH2R)2]+) as silver source adsorbs on CuNWs surface, and Cu@Ag-amine complex core–shell structure is formed. After that, Ag-amine complex is easily decomposed to pure Ag shell through a simple thermal annealing under air. By adjusting the concentration of Ag-aminein CuNWs solution, Cu@Ag core–shell nanowires with different thickness of silver shell can be easily obtained. The obtained core–shell nanowires exhibit high stability for at least 500 h at high temperature (140 °C) and high humidity (85 °C, 85% RH) due to the protection of Ag shell. More importantly, the conductivity and transparency of Cu@Ag nanowires-based conductors is similar to that of pure CuNWs. The large-scale and facile synthesis of Cu@Ag core–shell nanowires provides a new method to prepare stable metallic core–shell nanowires.