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Lanthanide Tetranuclear Cage and Mononuclear Cocrystalline Nitronyl Nitroxide Complex with Single-Molecule-Magnet Behavior

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posted on 2018-09-27, 00:00 authored by Peng Yun Chen, Ming Ze Wu, Ting Li, Xiu Juan Shi, Li Tian, Zhong Yi Liu
The first tetranuclear metallacage and mononuclear cocrystalline DyIII-radical complex was synthesized and characterized. The metallacage in [Dy4(hfac)8(IMPhThio)2(OH)4]­[Dy­(hfac)3(NITPhThio)2] consists of Dy­(hfac)2+ groups bridged by OH and the IMPhThio radical. Field-induced single-molecule-magnet behavior was observed in the nitronyl nitroxide radical-bridged polynuclear complex.