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Lanthanide Supermolecular Transformers Induced by K+ and CO2

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posted on 01.02.2021, 22:03 by Bei Wang, Bing Ma, Zhangwen Wei, Huan Yang, Meng Wang, Wenxia Yin, Hong Gao, Weisheng Liu
The transfer of configuration information from supramolecular helices is a ubiquitous phenomenon in nature. DNA and proteins often change their helical structure in response to particular external stimuli and can activate important related events through sophisticated mechanisms. Attempts to create artificial multiple-stranded helicates that can adjust the configuration under external stimuli have also met with limited success. Using a simple ligand, we now show multiple-stranded lanthanide helicates that transform efficiently. Lanthanide and ligand are successfully self-assembled into different multiple helical supermolecular clusters using different templates. Additionally, these intelligent supermolecular transformers can also be transformed by different external stimuli and realize the selective recognition and fixation of the corresponding ions and molecules.