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Label-Free Optical Detection and Tracking of Single Virions Bound to Their Receptors in Supported Membrane Bilayers

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posted on 02.04.2020, 17:19 by Helge Ewers, Volker Jacobsen, Enrico Klotzsch, Alicia E. Smith, Ari Helenius, Vahid Sandoghdar
We apply an interferometric optical detection scheme to image and track unlabeled single virions. Individual simian virus 40 virions and uninfectious virus-like particles were imaged on a glass substrate and on a supported membrane bilayer. Moreover, single unlabeled virions were tracked when bound to supported membrane bilayers via the viral receptor, the glycolipid GM1. The technology presented here promises to be generally applicable to studying the motion of unlabeled macromolecules on membranes.