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Label-Free Bimetallic In Situ-Grown 3D Nickel-Foam-Supported NH2‑MIL-88B(Fe2Co)-MOF-based Impedimetric Immunosensor for the Detection of Cardiac Troponin I

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posted on 08.07.2020, 14:34 authored by Sathyadevi Palanisamy, Duraisamy Senthil Raja, Boopathi Subramani, Tung-Ho Wu, Yun-Ming Wang
In this study, a simple and competent metal–organic framework (MOF)-based nickel foam (NF)-supported three-dimensional (3D) immunosensor (Ab-NH2-MIL-88B­(Fe2Co)-MOF/NF) was constructed and utilized for the specific recognition of the biomarker cardiac troponin (I) (cTnI). In the present work, biosensor fabrication was progressed through the modification of the NF substrate with the MOF material (NH2-MIL-88B­(Fe2Co)-MOF) to enable an amine-functionalized electrode. This amine-functionalized NF electrodes (NH2-MIL-88B­(Fe2Co)-MOF/NF) were then biointerfaced with anti-cTnI antibodies, which ended up as Ab-NH2-MIL-88B­(Fe2Co)-MOF/NF electrodes. Analytical executions of the constructed bioelectrode were investigated for the quantitative analysis of cTnI in both buffered and serum solutions. Then, the electrochemical studies were carried out using the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) method by monitoring changes concerning the charge transfer resistance (Rct) characteristics. The limit of detection (LOD) of the Ab-NH2-MIL-88B­(Fe2Co)-MOF/NF immunosensor was achieved to be 13 fg/mL with great specificity. This kind of immunosensor imparts a new platform for the construction and application of MOF-hybrid 3D electrode materials with enhanced electrochemical behavior in cTnI sensing for the first time.