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LaIr3Ga2: A Superconductor Based on a Kagome Lattice of Ir

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posted on 09.03.2022, 14:35 authored by Xin Gui, Robert J. Cava
In solid-state materials, crystal structure is regarded as one of the major factors that determines the physical properties, including superconductivity. Materials based on Kagome lattices, especially those based on atoms with strong spin–orbit coupling, can host exotic quantum physics, displaying flat electronic bands, Dirac cones, and topologically nontrivial surface states. The existence of superconductivity in such systems is even more attractive. Here we report the discovery of superconductivity below 5.2 K in LaIr3Ga2a previously unreported material based on stacked Kagome planes of Ir, an element known to display strong spin–orbit coupling. The superconductor is characterized experimentally, and calculations reveal that the electronic structure is significantly influenced by spin–orbit coupling. This material can thus be considered important for investigating the coupling between topological physics and superconductivity.