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Kinetic Process of an Alkaline Earth Metal Ion Transmembrane through ZIF‑8

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posted on 10.06.2021, 11:36 by Bingxin Lu, Tianliang Xiao, Yanglei Xu, Xungang Diao, Jin Zhai
The confinement effect of biological ion channels regulates the transport of molecules and ions due to angstrom-sized pores. The structure of the potassium channel has a selection region (3–4 Å), a cavity (10 Å), and a gated region, while ZIF-8 has intrinsic pores with a 3.4 Å aperture and an 11.6 Å cavity similar to those of the potassium channel. Inspired by this, we constructed the glass/ZIF-8 hybrid membrane through an electrochemical growth process to explore the kinetics of the ion transmembrane by IV curves and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. These complementary approaches yield highly correlated results that show that ion transportation of the ZIF-8 membrane follows Arrhenius behavior. The rates of ions are controlled by the transmembrane activation energy, in which the ionic charge and radius play an important role.