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Kinetic Modeling of In Vitro Small Intestinal Lipid Digestion as Affected by the Emulsion Interfacial Composition and Gastric Prelipolysis

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posted on 15.04.2021, 13:40 by Marcos R. Infantes-Garcia, Sarah H. E. Verkempinck, Marc E. Hendrickx, Tara Grauwet
This research evaluated the impact of the emulsion interfacial composition on in vitro small intestinal lipolysis kinetics with the inclusion of rabbit gastric lipase resulting in a gastric prelipolysis step. O/w emulsions contained 5% triolein (w/w) and 1% (w/w) of the following emulsifiers: sodium taurodeoxycholate, citrus pectin, soy protein isolate, soy lecithin, and tween 80. Emulsions were subjected to static in vitro digestion and diverse lipolysis species quantified via a HPLC-charged aerosol detector. Single-response modeling indicated that the kinetics of lipolysis in the small intestinal phase were impacted by the emulsion particle size at the beginning of this phase. Multiresponse modeling permitted the elucidation of the lipolysis mechanism under in vitro conditions. The final reaction scheme included enzymatic and chemical conversions. The modeling strategies used in this research allowed to gain more insights into the kinetics and mechanism of in vitro lipid digestion.