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Karwinaphthopyranones from the Fruits of Karwinskia parvifolia and Their Cytotoxic Activities

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posted on 26.11.2014, 00:00 authored by Claudia Rojas-Flores, María Yolanda Rios, Rebeca López-Marure, Horacio F. Olivo
The new 2-acetyl-8-methoxynaphthol (1) and five new “dimeric” napthopyranones, karwinaphthopyranones A1 and A2 (2 and 3) and karwinaphthopyranones B1–B3 (46), possessing a methoxy group at C-5′, were isolated together with four other known compounds from the dried fruits of Karwinskia parvifolia. The structures of compounds 26 were determined by spectroscopic data interpretation. Cell culture assays showed that some of these compounds possess antiproliferative activities in representative human cancer cell lines, with half-maximal growth inhibitory concentrations in the micromolar range.