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It Is “Thiazolidene-2-imine” and Not Imidazole-2-thione as the Reaction Product of 1-Benzoyl-3-phenylthiourea with Br2/Enolizable Ketone

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posted on 2006-11-09, 00:00 authored by C. B. Singh, Siva Murru, Veerababurao Kavala, Bhisma K. Patel
The products obtained by the reaction of benzoyl-3-phenylthioureas with bromine and enolizable ketones in the presence of triethylamine are not imidazole-2-thione derivatives as reported (Org. Lett. 2003, 5, 1657−1659) rather they are thiazolidene-2-imine derivatives.