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Isomer Specific Intercalation Chemistry:  Potassium Insertion into the D2 and D2d Isomers of C84

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posted on 27.06.1998, 00:00 by K. M. Allen, T. J. S. Dennis, M. J. Rosseinsky, H. Shinohara
Reaction of solids of pure D2d and D2 C84, as well as mixtures of these isomers, with an excess of potassium produces the cubic phases K8+xC84, with multiple occupancy of the octahedral site by potassium. Analysis of X-ray powder diffraction data reveals that the anions adopt well-defined orientations in the solid, driven by the anion−cation contacts. Electron paramagnetic resonance measurements on the solid fullerides indicate that the electronic properties depend on the particular isomer of C84 used as host.