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Isolation of Ugi Four-Component Condensation Primary Adducts: A Straightforward Route to Isocoumarins

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posted on 19.02.2010, 00:00 by Cristina Faggi, María García-Valverde, Stefano Marcaccini, Gloria Menchi
Ugi four-component condensation (Ugi-4CC) between 2-formylbenzoic acid, phenacylamine dimethyl acetal, and isocyanides afforded 1H-isochromen-1-ones (isocoumarins). These products, where structure corresponds to the tautomeric enediamine form of the Ugi-4CC primary adducts, were stable enough to allow their isolation and characterization. Stable isocoumarins were also obtained by employing anilines as the amino component in the Ugi four-component condensation.