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Isolation and Low-Temperature X-ray Analysis of Intramolecular Triarylmethane−Triarylmethylium Complex:  Preference for a C−H-Bridged Unsymmetric Structure Exhibiting a Facile 1,5-Hydride Shift and Charge-Transfer Interaction

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posted on 2005-09-07, 00:00 authored by Hidetoshi Kawai, Takashi Takeda, Kenshu Fujiwara, Takanori Suzuki
The intramolecular triarylmethane−methylium complex with an averaged C2v-symmetry was successfully generated by N-methylation of the acridine−acridan hybrid. Theoretical calculation and VT-NMR analyses in solution indicate the unsymmetric geometry for the three-center bond, which was finally confirmed crystallographically. Significant degree of CT interaction is induced through the very short C−H···C+ contact.