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Isoindigo-Containing Molecular Semiconductors: Effect of Backbone Extension on Molecular Organization and Organic Solar Cell Performance

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posted on 2015-12-17, 05:59 authored by Yi Ren, Anna K. Hailey, Anna M. Hiszpanski, Yueh-Lin Loo
We have synthesized three new isoindigo-based small molecules by extending the conjugated length through the incorporation of octyl-thiophene units between the isoindigo core and benzothiophene terminal units. Both UV–vis and Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction experiments show that such extension of the π-conjugated backbone can induce H-aggregation, and enhance crystallinity and molecular ordering of these isoindigo-based small molecules in the solid state. Compared to two other isoindigo-based derivatives in the series, the derivative with two octyl-thiophene units, BT-T2-ID, is the most crystalline and ordered, and its molecular packing motif appears to be substantially different. Devices utilizing these new extended isoindigo-based small molecules as the electron donor exhibit higher performance than those utilizing nonextended BT-ID as the electron donor. Particularly, devices containing BT-T2-ID in an as-cast blend with PC61BM show power conversion efficiencies up to 3.4%, which is comparable to the best devices containing isoindigo-based molecular semiconductors and is a record among devices containing isoindigo-based small molecules that were processed in the absence of any additives.