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Isobaric Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary Systems of 2‑Phenylethanol + 2‑Ethylphenol, 1‑Phenyl-2-propanol + 2‑Ethylphenol, 2‑Phenylethanol + 1‑Phenyl-2-propanol and 2-Phenyl-1-propanol + 2-Ethylphenol under 101.3 kPa

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posted on 14.10.2021, 04:04 by Qing Yi, Wei-Peng Chen, Xiang-yang Zhang, Yan-Yang Wu, Bin Wu, Kui Chen, Li-Jun Ji
The isobaric vapor–liquid equilibrium (VLE) data of 2-phenylethanol (2-PE) + 2-ethylphenol (2-EP), 1-phenyl-2-propanol (1,2-PP) + 2-ethylphenol (2-EP), 2-phenylethanol (2-PE) + 1-phenyl-2-propanol (1,2-PP) and 2-phenyl-1-propanol (2,1-PP) + 2-ethylphenol (2-EP) were measured by a modified Rose type still under 101.3 kPa. Both the Fredenslund test and Redlich–Kister area test were employed to verify the consistency of the experimental data. Besides, the experimental isobaric VLE data were correlated by Wilson, nonrandom two-liquid, and universal quasi-chemical models, and the corresponding parameters were obtained accordingly. All three models showed good agreement with the experimental data, and among which the Wilson model performed slightly better than the others.