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Iron(II)-Catalyzed Bisphosphorylation Cascade Cycloisomerization of γ‑Hydroxyl Ynones and Diphenylphosphine Oxides: Synthesis of Highly Substituted Bisphosphorylated Dihydrofuran Derivatives

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posted on 2022-03-15, 14:40 authored by Yi-Feng Qiu, Shi-Peng Chen, Jian-He Cao, Ming Li, Zheng-Jun Quan, Xi-Cun Wang, Yong-Min Liang
An iron­(II)-catalyzed bisphosphorylation cascade cycloisomerization of readily accessible γ-hydroxyl ynones and diphenylphosphine oxides is described. This strategy provides a variety of valuable polysubstituted bisphosphorylated dihydrofuran scaffolds via the construction of two C–P bonds and one C–O bond within a single procedure. This developed reaction system demonstrates good functional group compatibilities with considerably low catalyst consumption (as low as 1%), which could be further scaled up to gram quantities in satisfactory yields.