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Iron-Catalyzed Radical Oxidative Coupling Reaction of Aryl Olefins with 1,3-Dithiane

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posted on 2014-05-02, 00:00 authored by Wenbin Du, Lixia Tian, Junshan Lai, Xing Huo, Xingang Xie, Xuegong She, Shouchu Tang
An alternative method to an iron-catalyzed radical oxidative cross-coupling reaction followed by 2-chloro-1,3-dithiane and aryl olefins for the synthesis of β-chloro substituent 1,3-dithiane products is presented. The described method has the advantage of mildness of the reaction conditions and tolerates a variety of functional groups. Preliminary mechanistic studies have confirmed the first example of a coupling of 1,3-dithiane with unactivated alkenes that proceeds via an iron-catalyzed oxidative radical intermediate along the reaction pathway.