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Iron-Catalyzed Synthesis of Oxindoles: Application to the Preparation of Pyrroloindolines

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posted on 17.02.2017, 21:43 by Valquírio G. Correia, Juliana C. Abreu, Caio A. E. Barata, Leandro H. Andrade
A novel and highly efficient synthetic approach to pyrroloindolines has been developed. The process is based on tandem radical addition/cyclization with inexpensive iron catalyst. This method tolerates a wide range of N-methyl-N-arylacrylamides as well carbamoyl radicals, providing access to a variety of functionalized 3,3-disubstituted oxindoles, key intermediates for many bioactive pyrroloindolines such as (±)-esermethole, (±)-deoxyeseroline, and (±)-physovenol methyl ether.