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Ionic Strength-Controlled Virtual Area of Mesoporous Platinum Electrode

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posted on 14.04.2004, 00:00 by Hankil Boo, Sejin Park, Bonkyung Ku, Yunmee Kim, Jin Hyung Park, Hee Chan Kim, Taek Dong Chung
Mesoporous electrodes provide an unusual opportunity to observe the dramatic transition of the electrochemical potential distribution in vicinity to mesoporous surfaces as the ionic strength varies. The experimental results were in accordance with what the classical Gouy−Chapman theory predicts on the basis of the correlation between Debye length (κ-1) and the diameter of mesopores. Using the phenomenon that the electrochemically effective area of mesoporous electrode depends on the ionic strength, the faradaic current density of dioxygen reduction could be controlled by the electrolyte concentration.