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Investigations of Enantiopure Nicotine Haptens Using an Adjuvanting Carrier in Anti-Nicotine Vaccine Development

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posted on 2016-02-26, 00:00 authored by Nicholas T. Jacob, Jonathan W. Lockner, Joel E. Schlosburg, Beverly A. Ellis, Lisa M. Eubanks, Kim D. Janda
Despite efforts to produce suitable smoking cessation aids, addiction to nicotine continues to carry a substantive risk of recidivism. An attractive alternative to current therapies is the pharmacokinetic strategy of antinicotine vaccination. A major hurdle in the development of the strategy has been to elicit a sufficiently high antibody concentration to curb nicotine distribution to the brain. Herein, we detail investigations into a new hapten design, which was able to elicit an antibody response of significantly higher specificity for nicotine. We also explore the use of a mutant flagellin carrier protein with adjuvanting properties. These studies underlie the feasibility of improvement in antinicotine vaccine formulations to move toward clinical efficacy.