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Investigation on Resistivity-Dependent Behavior of Carbon-Composite-Based Paintable Ionovoltaic Device

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posted on 2019-06-17, 00:00 authored by Junwoo Park, YoungJun Yang, Sun Geun Yoon, Youn Sang Kim
An ionovoltaic device that generates electric energy by the ad/desorption of ions on a solid–liquid interface, as water droplets move on a solid surface, has a unique operation mechanism. Here, we describe the relationship between the output voltage/current and resistivity of a monoelectrode. This relationship plays a key role in device operation by demonstrating a simple, robust, and paintable carbon-composite-based ionovoltaic device beyond the limitations of the conventional rigid ionovoltaic devices. The results of this work show the output voltage/current is linearly proportional to the output voltage in a specific resistivity range (10 Ω·cm < ρ < 5000 Ω·cm).