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Inverse Electron-Demand [4 + 2]-Cycloadditions of Ynamides: Access to Novel Pyridine Scaffolds

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posted on 2016-03-21, 18:05 authored by Guillaume Duret, Robert Quinlan, Rainer E. Martin, Philippe Bisseret, Markus Neuburger, Vincent Gandon, Nicolas Blanchard
Functionalized polycyclic aminopyridines are central to the chemical sciences, but their syntheses are still hampered by a number of shortcomings. These nitrogenated heterocycles can be efficiently prepared by an intramolecular inverse electron demand hetero Diels–Alder (ihDA) cycloaddition of ynamides to pyrimidines. This ihDA/rDA sequence is general in scope and affords expedient access to novel types of aminopyridinyl scaffolds that hold great promise in terms of exit vector patterns.