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Intrinsic Broad-Band White-Light Emission by a Tuned, Corrugated Metal–Organic Framework

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journal contribution
posted on 07.03.2012, 00:00 by Dorina F. Sava, Lauren E. S. Rohwer, Mark A. Rodriguez, Tina M. Nenoff
Herein we report on the broad-band direct white-light originating from a single component emitter, namely a novel three-periodic metal–organic framework (MOF). This material features an unprecedented topology with (3,4)-connected nodes. The structure–function relationship in this system is driven by two complementary unique structural features: corrugation and interpenetration. Good correlation between simulated and experimental emission spectra has been attained, resulting in optimized color properties that approach requirements for solid-state lighting (SSL). Guided by the optimized calculated spectra, the tunability of the assembly was proven by the successful in-framework co-doping of Eu3+. This resulted in significantly improved color properties, opening new paths for the rational design of alternative materials for SSL applications.