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Intestinal Villi-Inspired Mathematically Base-Layer Engineered Microneedles (IMBEMs) for Effective Molecular Exchange during Biomarker Enrichment and Drug Deposition in Diversified Mucosa

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posted on 2023-08-07, 19:14 authored by Yusheng Gong, Shuai Tong, Xixuan Li, Xiuli Chen, Yushuang Liu, Nan Li, Jiarong Xu, Rengui Xu, Yusong Guo, Fei Xiao, Xiaoyuan Chen, Wei Chen
The mucosa-interfacing systems based on bioinspired engineering design for sampling/drug delivery have manifested crucial potential for the monitoring of infectious diseases and the treatment of mucosa-related diseases. However, their efficiency and validity are severely restricted by limited contact area for molecular transfer and dissatisfactory capture/detachment capability. Herein, inspired by the multilayer villus structure of the small intestine that enables high nutrient absorption, a trigonometric function-based periodic pattern was fabricated and integrated on the base layer of the microneedle patch, exhibiting a desirable synergistic effect with needle tips for deep sample enrichment and promising molecular transfer, significantly improving the device-mucosa bidirectional interaction. Moreover, mathematical modeling and finite element analysis were adopted to visualize and quantify the microcosmic molecular transmission process, guiding parameter optimization in actual situation. Encouragingly, these intestinal villi-inspired mathematically base-layer engineered microneedles (IMBEMs) have demonstrated distinguished applicability among mucosa tissue with varying surface curvatures, tissue toughness, and local environments, and simultaneously, have gained favorable support from healthy volunteers receiving preliminary test of IMBEMs patches. Overall, validated by numerous in vitro and in vivo tests, the IMBEMs were confirmed to act as a promising candidate to facilitate mucosa-based sampling and topical drug delivery, indicating highly clinical translation potential.