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Interplay Between Optical Bianisotropy and Magnetism in Plasmonic Metamolecules

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posted on 22.06.2016, 00:00 by Liuyang Sun, Tzuhsuan Ma, Seung-Cheol Yang, Dong-Kwan Kim, Gaehang Lee, Jinwei Shi, Irving Martinez, Gi-Ra Yi, Gennady Shvets, Xiaoqin Li
The smallness of natural molecules and atoms with respect to the wavelength of light imposes severe limits on the nature of their optical response. For example, the well-known argument of Landau and Lifshitz and its recent extensions that include chiral molecules show that the electric dipole response dominates over the magneto-electric (bianisotropic) and an even smaller magnetic dipole optical response for all natural materials. Here, we experimentally demonstrate that both these responses can be greatly enhanced in plasmonic nanoclusters. Using atomic force microscopy nanomanipulation technique, we assemble a plasmonic metamolecule that is designed for strong and simultaneous optical magnetic and magneto-electric excitation. Angle-dependent scattering spectroscopy is used to disentangle the two responses and to demonstrate that their constructive/destructive interplay causes strong directional scattering asymmetry. This asymmetry is used to extract both magneto-electric and magnetic dipole responses and to demonstrate their enhancement in comparison to ordinary atomistic materials.