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Interfacial Fabrication of Single-Crystalline ZnTe Nanorods with High Blue Fluorescence

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posted on 24.07.2013, 00:00 by Linrui Hou, Qiang Zhang, Luting Ling, Chen-Xiong Li, Li Chen, Su Chen
From the perspective of practical application, the development of fluorescent nanocrystals with low toxicity and desirable optical properties is highly needed. Here we report a new liquid–liquid interfacial synthesis of single-crystalline ZnTe nanorods with high fluorescence. With the use of long-alkyl-chain fatty acid as the capping ligand, the reaction of zinc acrylate with NaHTe under a moderate temperature (∼90 °C) at the toluene/water interface yielded high-quality ZnTe nanorods. The preparation parameters and the growth mechanism were thoroughly investigated. The as-prepared ZnTe nanorods exhibited stable blue fluorescence with quantum yield up to 60%. This bright and stable emission gives promise for the use of these relatively benign nanorods in various applications such as blue light-emitting diodes.