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Interchenar Retrotransfer of Aureothin Intermediates in an Iterative Polyketide Synthase Module

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posted on 2016-02-20, 16:03 authored by Benjamin Busch, Nico Ueberschaar, Yuki Sugimoto, Christian Hertweck
The course of the enigmatic iterative use of a polyketide synthase module was deduced from targeted domain inactivation in the aureothin assembly line. Mutational analyses revealed that the N-terminus of AurA is not involved in the iteration process, ruling out an ACP–ACP shuttle. Furthermore, an AurA­(KS°, ACP°)–AurA­(AT0) heterodimer proved to be nonfunctional, whereas aureothin production was restored in a ΔaurA mutant complemented with AurA­(KS°)–AurA­(ACP°). This finding supports a model according to which the ACP-bound polyketide intermediate is transferred back to the KS domain on the opposite PKS strand.