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Instant Ultrasound-Evoked Precise Nanobubble Explosion and Deep Photodynamic Therapy for Tumors Guided by Molecular Imaging

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posted on 2021-04-28, 10:13 authored by Honghui Li, Zhiyou Wu, Jinde Zhang, Xiang Sun, Fei Duan, Junjie Yao, Mingyang Sun, Jiaqiang Zhang, Liming Nie
Nanobubbles (NBs) have recently gained interest in cancer imaging and therapy due to the fact that nanoparticles with the size range of 1–1000 nm can extravasate into permeable tumor types through the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect. However, the therapeutic study of NBs was only limited to drug delivery or cavitation. Herein, we developed ultrasound-evoked massive NB explosion to strikingly damage the surrounding cancer. The dual-function agent allows synergistic mechanical impact and photodynamic therapy of the tumors and enhances imaging contrast. Moreover, the mechanical explosion improved the light delivery efficiency in biological tissue to promote the effect of photodynamic therapy. Under ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging guidance, we induced on-the-spot bubble explosion and photodynamic therapy of tumors at a depth of centimeters in vivo. The mechanical impact of the explosion can enhance delivery of the photosensitizers. Ultrasound explicitly revealed the cancer morphology and exhibited fast NB perfusion. Generated mechanical damage and release of mixture agents demonstrated remarkable synergetic anticancer effects on deep tumors. This finding also offers a new approach and insight into treating cancers.