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Inhibition Equivalency Factors for Dinophysistoxin‑1 and Dinophysistoxin‑2 in Protein Phosphatase Assays: Applicability to the Analysis of Shellfish Samples and Comparison with LC-MS/MS

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posted on 2013-03-13, 00:00 authored by Diana Garibo, Pablo de la Iglesia, Jorge Diogène, Mònica Campàs
The protein phosphatase inhibition assay (PPIA) is a well-known strategy for the determination of diarrheic shellfish poisoning (DSP) lipophilic toxins, which deserves better characterization and understanding to be used as a routine screening tool in monitoring programs. In this work, the applicability of two PPIAs to the determination of okadaic acid (OA), dinophysistoxin-1 (DTX-1), dinophysistoxin-2 (DTX-2), and their acyl ester derivatives in shellfish has been investigated. The inhibitory potencies of the DSP toxins on a recombinant and a wild PP2A have been determined, allowing the establishment of inhibition equivalency factors (IEFs) (1.1 and 0.9 for DTX-1, and 0.4 and 0.6 for DTX-2, for recombinant and wild PP2A, respectively). The PPIAs have been applied to the determination of OA equivalent contents in spiked and naturally contaminated shellfish samples. Results have been compared to those obtained by LC-MS/MS analysis, after application of the IEFs, showing good agreements.