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Indole Derivative-Capped Gold Nanoparticles as an Effective Bactericide in Vivo

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posted on 07.08.2018, 00:00 by Xiaohui Zhao, Yuexiao Jia, Juanjuan Li, Ruihua Dong, Jiangjiang Zhang, Chuanxin Ma, Hui Wang, Yukui Rui, Xingyu Jiang
We synthesize indole derivative-capped gold nanoparticles (Au_IDs) via a straightforward route to fight multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria. When gold nanoparticles are modified with two indole derivatives, tryptophan and 5-aminoindole, they exhibit excellent antibacterial activities against both laboratory antibiotic-sensitive and MDR bacteria. Au_IDs possess remarkable bactericidal activities against MDR bacteria killing 99.9% of MDR Escherichia coli and polymyxin-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae after 0.5 h of incubation, which are superior to clinical antibiotics including polymyxin B and cefotaxime. By evaluating the potential of Au_IDs in wound cure, Au_IDs show outstanding capability in MDR bacterial wound infection. Our findings provide new candidates for the development of bactericides and the fabrication of wound dressings for treating MDR infection.