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Independent at-Home Chemistry Project for a High School Student: Osmosis Experiments Using a U‑Tube Apparatus

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posted on 2023-09-06, 18:04 authored by Elizabeth D. Mui, Esther Lan
This article describes the design and implementation of an independent at-home chemistry project for a high school student. The pedagogical process described herein provided an authentic and meaningful laboratory experience at home, enabling remote learning that was inexpensive and safe. The topic of study was osmosis, and experiments were conducted utilizing U-tube apparatuses with glycerin or dextran as the solute and distilled water as the solvent. This innovative method produced a series of osmosis experiments with quantitative results on kinetics, equilibrium, and effect of temperature, as well as selective pairing of solute/solvent for bidirectional osmosis. The most important outcome of this project is a student with limited exposure to chemistry in the classroom became enthusiastic about performing the various experiments and was inspired to continue hands-on learning in chemistry.