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Increasing Capacity in Disordered Rocksalt Cathodes by Mg Doping

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posted on 03.12.2020, 13:33 by Peichen Zhong, Zijian Cai, Yaqian Zhang, Raynald Giovine, Bin Ouyang, Guobo Zeng, Yu Chen, Raphaële Clément, Zhengyan Lun, Gerbrand Ceder
Using both computations and experiments, we demonstrate that the performance of Li-excess cation-disordered rocksalt cathodes can be improved by Mg substitution. Mg reduces the amount of Li in the compound that is strongly bound to F and thereby increases the capacity. This enables the use of fluorination as a tool to improve stability of the compounds without significant loss of capacity. Mg emerged as the most optimal substitution element from a systematic computational study aimed at identifying inactive doping elements with a strong enough bonding strength to fluorine to displace Li from the F environments. Our results also show that capacity can be traded for cycle life depending on whether Mg is substituted for Li or for the redox metal. This design strategy should be considered in fluorinated cathodes, which will facilitate the design of optimized disordered rocksalt oxyfluoride cathodes.