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In Vivo Cross-Linking MS Reveals Conservation in OmpA Linkage to Different Classes of β‑Lactamase Enzymes

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posted on 20.11.2019, 13:05 by Xuefei Zhong, Xia Wu, Devin K. Schweppe, Juan D. Chavez, Martin Mathay, Jimmy K. Eng, Andrew Keller, James E. Bruce
Molecular interactions between two different classes of β-lactamase enzymes and outer membrane protein A (OmpA) were studied by in vivo chemical cross-linking of a multi-drug-resistant strain of Acinetobacter baumannii AB5075. Class A β-lactamase blaGES-11 and Class D β-lactamase Oxa23, responsible for hydrolysis of different types of β-lactam antibiotics, were found to be cross-linked to similar lysine sites of the periplasmic domain of outer membrane protein OmpA, despite low sequence homology between the two enzymes. The findings from in vivo XL-MS suggest that the interacting surfaces between both β-lactamase enzymes and OmpA are conserved during molecular evolution, and the OmpA C-terminus domain serves an important function of anchoring different types of β-lactamase enzymes in the periplasmic space.