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In-Time Detection of Plant Water Status Change by Self-Adhesive, Water-Proof, and Gas-Permeable Electrodes

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posted on 2023-04-06, 15:07 authored by Bo Peng, Xinyue Wu, Chi Zhang, Chao Zhang, Lingyi Lan, Jianfeng Ping, Yibin Ying
Leaf capacitance can reflect plant water content. However, the rigid electrodes used in leaf capacitance monitoring may affect plant health status. Herein, we report a self-adhesive, water-proof, and gas-permeable electrode fabricated by in situ electrospinning of a polylactic acid nanofiber membrane (PLANFM) on a leaf, spraying a layer of the carbon nanotube membrane (CNTM) on PLANFM, and in situ electrospinning of PLANFM on CNTM. The electrodes could be self-adhered to the leaf via electrostatic adhesion due to the charges on PLANFM and the leaf, thus forming a capacitance sensor. Compared with the electrode fabricated by a transferring approach, the in situ fabricated one did not show obvious influence on plant physiological parameters. On that basis, a wireless leaf capacitance sensing system was developed, and the change of plant water status was detected in the first day of drought stress, which was much earlier than direct observation of the plant appearance. This work paved a useful way to realize noninvasive and real-time detection of stress using plant wearable electronics.