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Imaging Chladni Figure of Plasmonic Charge Density Wave in Real Space

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posted on 20.09.2019, 11:35 by Zhaoshuai Gao, Lixin Yin, Weina Fang, Qingying Kong, Chunhai Fan, Bin Kang, Jing-Juan Xu, Hong-Yuan Chen
The future photonic age largely depends on our ability to manipulate optical waves in confined systems. Particularly, understanding the behavior of a plasmonic charge density wave (p-CDW) in optical resonators is vital for engineering 2D plasmonic devices. In this study, the standing p-CDW on the surface of a gold triangle resonator is examined through diffraction limited all-optical far field power loss microscopy. The scattering light map captured by this microscopy, named plasmonic Chladni figure, is directly proportional to the entire in-plane photonic local density of state. The theoretical model of the plasmonic Chladni figure proposed in this study is related to the 2D standing p-CDW node pattern, which is similar to the mechanical Chladni, but follows a special node selection rule. Investigating the plasmonic Chladni phenomenon provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental plasmonic physics and plasmonic chemistry and presents various possibilities for plasmonic application, such as 2D dimensional SPP waveguide, plasmonic computing, hot electron based chemistry, light energy harvest, and so on.