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Imaginary Magnetic Tweezers for Massively Parallel Surface Adhesion Spectroscopy

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posted on 13.04.2011, 00:00 by Ye Yang, Randall M. Erb, Benjamin J. Wiley, Stefan Zauscher, Benjamin B. Yellen
A massively parallel magnetic tweezer system has been constructed that utilizes the self-repulsion of colloidal beads from a planar interface via a magnetic dipole image force. Self-repulsion enables the application of a uniform magnetic force to thousands of beads simultaneously, which permits the measurement of unbinding histograms at the lowest loading rates ever tested. The adhesion of 9.8 μm polystyrene beads to a fluorocarbon, PEG, and UV-irradiated PEG surfaces were measured between 10−3−100 pN/s force loading rates, revealing the presence of both kinetic and quasi-equilibrium unbinding regimes.