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Identification of the Bacterial Maytansinoid Gene Cluster asc Provides Insights into the Post-PKS Modifications of Ansacarbamitocin Biosynthesis

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posted on 12.07.2019, 21:14 by Xiaoman Li, Xingkang Wu, Yuemao Shen
A new biosynthetic gene cluster for the bacterial maytansinoids, ansacarbamitocins (ASCs), was identified in Amycolatopsis alba DSM 44262. The post-PKS modifications of ASCs were elucidated on the basis of bioinformatics analysis. Specific gene disruption and heterologous expression led to the isolation of seven new bacterial maytansinoids. The 3′-O-methyl­transferase and 3-O-carbamyl­transferase involved in bacterial maytansinoid biosynthesis were identified for the first time. The new bacterial maytansinoids 7 and 13 showed strong antitumor activities against four human cancer cell lines.