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Identification and Further Development of Potent TBK1 Inhibitors

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posted on 16.01.2015, 00:00 by André Richters, Debjit Basu, Julian Engel, Meryem S. Ercanoglu, Hyatt Balke-Want, Roberta Tesch, Roman K. Thomas, Daniel Rauh
The cytosolic Ser/Thr kinase TBK1 was discovered to be an essential element in the mediation of signals that lead to tumor migration and progression. These findings meet the need for the identification of novel tool compounds and potential therapeutics to gain deeper insights into TBK1 related signaling and its relevance in tumor progression. Herein, we undertake the activity-based screening for unique inhibitors of TBK1 and their subsequent optimization. Initial screening approaches identified a selection of TBK1 inhibitors that were optimized using methods of medicinal chemistry. Variations of the structural characteristics of a representative 2,4,6-substituted pyrimidine scaffold resulted in improved potency. Prospective use as tool compounds or basic contributions to drug design approaches are anticipated for our improved small molecules.