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Identification and Functional Analysis of a Delta Class Glutathione S‑Transferase Gene Associated with Insecticide Detoxification in Bradysia odoriphaga

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posted on 27.08.2019, 17:41 by Bowen Tang, Wu Dai, Lijun Qi, Qi Zhang, Chunni Zhang
A delta class glutathione S-transferase gene (BoGSTd2) is identified from Bradysia odoriphaga for the first time. Developmental expression analysis showed that expression of BoGSTd2 is significantly higher in the fourth instar larval stage and the adult stage. Tissue-specific expression analysis found that BoGSTd2 was expressed predominantly in the midgut and Malpighian tubules in the fourth instar larvae and the abdomen of adults. Expression of BoGSTd2 was significantly upregulated following exposure to chlorpyrifos and clothianidin. In vitro inhibition and metabolic assays indicated that recombinant BoGSTd2 could not directly metabolize chlorpyrifos and clothianidin. Nevertheless, disk diffusion assays indicated that BoGSTd2 plays an important role in protection against oxidative stress. RNAi assays showed that BoGSTd2 participates in the elimination of reactive oxygen species induced by chlorpyrifos and clothianidin. These results strongly suggest that BoGSTd2 plays an important role in chlorpyrifos and clothianidin detoxification in B. odoriphaga by protecting tissues from oxidative stress induced by these insecticides.