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Hydroxyamination of Olefins Using Br-N-(CO2Me)2

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posted on 2015-02-06, 00:00 authored by Michael R. Kuszpit, Matthew B. Giletto, Corey L. Jones, Travis K. Bethel, Jetze J. Tepe
The hydroxyamination reagent Br-N-(CO2Me)2 underwent Markovnikov addition to various olefins in the presence of catalytic BF3·OEt2 and provides efficient access to aminoalcohols. The reaction provided the trans-1-bromo, 2-N-bis-carbamate adduct stereoisomer in all cases. The resulting adduct underwent cyclization to give an oxazolidinone, which could be readily hydrolyzed to an oxazolidin-2-one or an amino alcohol.