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Hydrogen-Bonded Order in Mercury-Supported Monolayers of End-Functionalized Alkanes

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posted on 29.12.2011, 00:00 authored by Lilach Tamam, Henning Kraack, Eli Sloutskin, Moshe Deutsch
The order formed by hydrogen bonding in mercury-supported Langmuir films (LFs) of end-functionalized, surface-parallel, alkane molecules was studied by surface-specific X-ray methods and surface tensiometry. Hexadecane derivatives, substituted at one or both ends by mercapto, carboxy, or hydroxy moieties were studied. The dimensionality of the monolayer's surface-parallel order was found to correspond to the number of molecular carboxyl groups, with the zero-, one-, or two-carboxyl molecules exhibiting no, one-, or two-dimensional order, respectively. The observed structural motifs are rationalized based on the molecular conformations and bonding synthons. Similarities, or otherwise, with the corresponding structure of three-dimensional (3D) crystals and graphite-supported LFs are also discussed.