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Hydrogen-Bond Dynamics in a Protic Ionic Liquid: Evidence of Large-Angle Jumps

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posted on 2015-12-16, 21:59 authored by Johannes Hunger, Thomas Sonnleitner, Liyuan Liu, Richard Buchner, Mischa Bonn, Huib J. Bakker
We study the molecular rotation of the protic room-temperature ionic liquid ethylammonium nitrate with dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and femtosecond-infrared spectroscopy (fs-IR) of the ammonium N–H vibrations. The results suggest that the rotation of ethylammonium ion takes place via large angular jumps. Such nondiffusive reorientational dynamics is unique to strongly hydrogen-bonded liquids such as water and indicates that the intermolecular interaction is highly directional in this class of ionic liquids.