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Hydroformylation of Olefinic Derivatives of Isosorbide and Isomannide

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posted on 29.07.2016, 00:00 authored by Piret Villo, Livia Matt, Lauri Toom, Ilme Liblikas, Tõnis Pehk, Lauri Vares
The first time application of hydroformylation on olefinic derivatives of isosorbide and isomannide is shown by which a new carbon–carbon bond is formed. Depending on the ligand and reaction conditions used, the C6 regioisomer a can be obtained in 4:1 ratio and excellent yield, whereas C5 isomer b is achieved in almost complete regioselectivity (46:1) and good yield. In the majority of cases only the exo orientation is observed for the obtained aldehydes, and the method is easily applicable also on a 1 g scale.