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Hydrazonyl Radical-Participated Tandem Reaction: A Strategy for the Synthesis of Pyrazoline-Functionalized Oxindoles

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posted on 18.12.2015, 00:00 by Xiao-Yong Duan, Xiu-Long Yang, Pan-Pan Jia, Man Zhang, Bing Han
An efficient and practical tandem cyclization/addition/cyclization strategy is developed for the initial generated hydrazonyl radicals derived from the oxidation of β,γ-unsaturated hydrazones. By using this protocol, structurally novel pyrazoline-functionalized oxindoles are prepared by the reaction of easily accessible β,γ-unsaturated hydrazones with N-aryl acrylamides under the metal- and solvent-free conditions of DTBP (di-tert-butyl peroxide) via a tandem intra/intermolecular C–N/C–C/C–C bond formation.