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Human Serum Albumin Domain I Fusion Protein for Antibody Conjugation

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posted on 2016-09-23, 21:30 authored by James T. Patterson, Henry D. Wilson, Shigehiro Asano, Napon Nilchan, Roberta P. Fuller, William R. Roush, Christoph Rader, Carlos F. Barbas
Bioorthogonal labeling of antibodies enables the conjugation of compounds, such as small molecules or peptides, which expand targeting capacity or enhance cytotoxicity. Taking advantage of a cyclohexene sulfonamide compound that site-selectively labels Lys64 in human serum albumin (HSA), we demonstrate that domain I of HSA can be used as a fusion protein for the preparation of antibody conjugates. Trastuzumab fusions were expressed at the N-terminus of the light chain or the C-terminus of the heavy chain enabling conjugation to small molecules. Moreover, these conjugates retained HER2 binding and proved to be highly stable in human plasma. Antibody conjugation via HSA domain I fusion should therefore have broad utility for making serum-stable antibody conjugates, particularly for antibody–drug conjugates.