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How to Apply Supervised Machine Learning Tools to MS Imaging Files: Case Study with Cancer Spheroids Undergoing Treatment with the Monoclonal Antibody Cetuximab

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posted on 10.06.2020, 15:42 authored by David Hua, Xin Liu, Eden P. Go, Yijia Wang, Amanda B. Hummon, Heather Desaire
As the field of mass spectrometry imaging continues to grow, so too do its needs for optimal methods of data analysis. One general need in image analysis is the ability to classify the underlying regions within an image, as healthy or diseased, for example. Classification, as a general problem, is often best accomplished by supervised machine learning strategies; unfortunately, conducting supervised machine learning on MS imaging files is not typically done by mass spectrometrists because a high degree of specialized knowledge is needed. To address this problem, we developed a fully open-source approach that facilitates supervised machine learning on MS imaging files, and we demonstrated its implementation on sets of cancer spheroids that either had or had not undergone chemotherapy treatment. These supervised machine learning studies demonstrated that metabolic changes induced by the monoclonal antibody, Cetuximab, are detectable but modest at 24 h, and by 72 h, the drug induces a larger and more diverse metabolic response.