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Hot Brownian Motion of Optically Levitated Nanodiamonds

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posted on 2022-02-07, 17:03 authored by François Rivière, Timothée de Guillebon, Damien Raynal, Martin Schmidt, Jean-Sébastien Lauret, Jean-François Roch, Loïc Rondin
The Brownian motion of a particle hotter than its environment is an iconic out-of-equilibrium system. Its study provides valuable insights into nanoscale thermal effects. Notably, it supplies an excellent diagnosis of thermal effects in optically levitated particles, a promising platform for force sensing and quantum physics tests. Thus, understanding the relevant parameters in this effect is critical. In this context, we test the role of particle’s shape and material, using optically levitated nanodiamonds hosting NV centers to measure the particles’ internal temperature and center-of-mass dynamics. We present a model to assess the nanodiamond internal temperature from its dynamics, adaptable to other particles. We also demonstrate that other mechanisms affect the nanodiamond dynamics and its stability in the trap. Finally, our work, by showing levitating nanodiamonds as an excellent tool for studying nanothermal effects, opens prospects for increasing the trapping stability of optically levitated particles.