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Horisfieldones A and B, Two Aromatic Ring-Contracted Dimeric Diarylpropanes with Human DOPA Decarboxylase Inhibitory Activity from Horsfieldia kingii

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posted on 30.04.2019, 12:05 by Rui Zhan, You-Tian Hu, Li-Dong Shao, Xu-Jie Qin, Fang Kuang, Shou-Zhen Du, Fang Wu, Ye-Gao Chen
Horisfieldones A (1) and B (2), two dimeric diarylpropanes featuring an unprecedentedly aromatic ring-contracted framework, were isolated from Horsfieldia kingii. Their structures and absolute configurations were determined by the inspection of extensive spectroscopic data and electronic circular dichroism calculations. Molecular modeling analysis, in vitro enzyme-based bioassays, and structure–activity relationship analysis of these isolates revealed that (+)-1 (IC50 = 35.1 ± 3.9 μM, SI > 11.4) could present a new class of human DOPA decarboxylase inhibitor.